Undermining Public Education

Good News Club attacks science and expresses contempt for those who teach it

Child Evangelism Fellowship also uses Good News Clubs to inject Young Earth Biblical Creationism, and fear of and contempt for science, into the public schools.

In Lesson 1 of Beginnings, CEF’s lesson text advises instructors: “Since the theory of evolution is freely taught in schools, take this opportunity to help children see the problems with this theory and the logic of the biblical account.” The lesson text also incites children to disrespect scientists — and teachers who teach their theories — as defiant “fools” who “refuse to believe” God, warns them that it is sinful to believe in scientific explanations for the origin of the universe, and reminds them that the punishment for the “sin” of “unbelief” is Hell:

  • Some who do not believe in God, the Creator, say that the universe just happened. They say that certain gases came together and an explosion occurred, flinging the stars and planets into place…. They say there is no God that you can know and trust. These people refuse to believe God’s Word by faith. They want to reason things out in their own minds so they can do without God.
  • God says such people are fools (Psalm 14:1)! The Bible says, ‘The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork” (Psalm 19:1). An explosion could never cause things to be in such perfect order! Our complex and carefully ordered world could only be designed by a wise and all-powerful God. He created these wonders so that people could see them and know God, the Creator.
  • Do you know God, the Creator? Perhaps you have heard these things from the Bible before, but you have refused to believe they are true. God calls that unbelief sin….If you die without having your sin forgiven, God says you will be separated from Him forever in a terrible place of punishment. God wants you to believe His Word is true….

Lesson 3 of Paul: God’s Servant suggests that public school teachers who teach evolution are unwitting “servants of Satan” and urges children to “speak up for God” in the classroom:

  • Or maybe at school when your teacher talked about evolution, claiming it to be true, you’ve tried to speak up for what you believe but the teacher stopped you. People who aren’t Christians often serve Satan without even knowing it….
  • When others discuss evolution, remember God’s promise and ask Him to help you speak up for God, the Creator.

Lesson 3 of Our Awesome God, most recently taught in Fall 2010 but dropped from the current curriculum cycle, also mocks evolution:

  • God has all knowledge. He is omniscient. Have you ever met someone who thinks he knows it all? (Briefly discuss.) Sometimes people think they have great knowledge in all things. They think they know more than they do. For example, men have a theory on how people came to live in our world. They call this theory evolution.
  • God asks, “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare, if thou hast understanding” (Job 38:4). God knows how He created man and the world and He tells us in the Bible. Who do you think has the right answer-man, who thinks he knows, or God, who knows? (God.) Man may think he has great knowledge but the knowledge he has is nothing compared to God’s knowledge. Don’t let anyone fool you. God is all knowing; He is omniscient.
Our Awesome God was presented in Fall 2006. A Dec. 9, 2006 article in South Carolina’s Georgetown Times reported that a teacher said — consistent with the Our Awesome God lesson text presented that Fall — that “everything their teachers have taught them about evolution is a lie.” When confronted about the statement by the media, CEF’s leadership denied that this was part of the curriculum, accusing the teacher of improperly inserting her personal opinions beliefs into the Good News Club lessons!

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