Shame Indoctrination

Teaching Children that they are Intrinsically Bad

“Have you ever thought about how sinful you are?” Life of Christ Book 3, p35

“You do things every day that are sinful….” Life of Christ Book 3, p16

“It saddens Jesus to see how sinful you are…” Life of Christ Book 4, p13.

“Your heart (the real you; the part of you that thinks and feels) is sinful and wants to do wrong…” Life of Christ 1, p34.

“You were born with a sinful heart.” Life of Christ, Book 3, p23; Patriarchs, Lesson 3, p25.

“You were born with darkness in your heart because of sin….” Life of Christ Book 2, p35.

“Others may think that you are a good person, but God knows what you’re really like on the inside. He knows that deep down you are a sinner – you were born that way.” Patriarchs, p33

“[Y]our heart is very sinful …. You may think you’re pretty good, but when God sees your heart He sees it is full of sin.” Beginnings, p28.

“Your heart (the real you) is sinful from the time you are born …. Even the good things you do aren’t good enough. The Bible says those things are like filthy (dirty) rags… . Filthy rags either need to be thrown away or washed.” Moses: The Lawgiver, p17

“Your sin makes you ‘unclean’ before God, who is holy (perfect) and can’t stand to be near sin.” Life of Christ, Book 3, p29.

“Your good works are worthless … because of the sinfulness inside you.” Life of Christ Book 3, p35.

“Even the good things you do are worthless before God because they can’t make up for your sin.” Life of Christ Book 3, p29.

“Since you were born as a sinner, you deserve to be punished by being apart from God forever.” Elijah, p12.

“You were born condemned to spiritual death—separation from God forever in a terrible place of punishment—because of sin.Esther, p38

“We were born guilty of sin…. The Bible says you deserve to be separated from God in a terrible place called Hell because you are guilty of sin.” Life of Christ, Book 4, p25

“As Jesus hung on the cross, God punished him for your sin and your deceitful heart.” Patriarchs, p35

A “Good News Club” children’s activity

  • Hang a sign with the word “sin” around a child’s neck.
  • Ask the children what “sin” is.

State that “all have sinned and deserve God’s punishment for sin, which is death, separation from God forever.”
State: “Some children try to deny their sin.  They say they never do wrong things.  But is that true?  (No.)….  Do you see (child’s name’s) sin?  He may not think it’s there, but God says it and you can be sure that other people see it too!” “Joseph,” Lesson #3, p24.

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