Raise Your Voice

Protect the Emotional, Psychological, and Intellectual Well-Being of Children

(1) Ask your school board to update its facility use policies to protect students from assaults on their emotional and psychological well-being. Religion is not an excuse to manipulate, shame, and intimidate children. Although public schools cannot exclude Good News Clubs on church-state separation grounds, they can exclude them for their vulgar attacks on a child’s self esteem.

(2) Share this website with others through Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. Blog about it.

(3) If you are a parent of a schoolchild, attend the Good News Club. With calm and respectful resolve, and without making any disturbance, let the instructor know that you are there to monitor. Because the school is a limited “public forum,” you may have a right to be there. When you are there, pay close attention to the “dark heart” themes of sin and punishment. Notice when teachers attempt to get children to internalize shame or afraid of “thinking” thoughts that might “displease God.” Observe the manipulative alternation between traumatizing themes and conditional acceptance.

(4) Download and print out the flyers below. Give copies to Good News Club instructors, sponsoring church pastors, members of the media, the school principal and school board members. Express your concerns

Dr. Valerie Tarico, a psychologist, offers several additional suggestions here. See also these FFRF suggestions.

If you are a Good News Club sponsoring church, volunteer or worker, have the conscience and courage to acknowledge the curriculum’s severity, question it, and stop! It is madness to debase children this way!

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