Lynda Pongracz, Elisha: Prophet of the Faithful God (2008)
An Investigation of the Dark Gospel of Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Clubs
Lesson 5: “Elisha Trusts God’s Protection”  God Blinds the Syrian Army
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If not for Jesus’s death, we would all go to Hell: “We know from the Bible, God’s Word, that each of us will go to one of two places: Heaven, God’s home, or Hell, a horrible place of punishment....  Even one sin is too many for God to let you into Heaven....  All of us deserve God’s punishment for sin because we have all thought, said and done things that break God’s laws.  What are some ways boys and girls your age sin?  (Allow children to share examples.)
You're either going to Heaven or Hell, depending on nothing but your creedal beliefs.
You have an enemy — Satan — who hates you and is going after you: “If you are one of God’s people, [Satan’s] plan is to defeat you....  He hates you....  [N]ow he wants to defeat you by keeping you from living for the Lord....  by putting doubts in your mind..., by distracting you from reading God’s word and talking to God in prayer, or by discouraging you....”
Satan is after you.  He hates you and wants you to stop reading the Bible and living for the Lord.
God protects those who belong to him.  You can belong to him by having the right beliefs: “God promises His protection to those who believe on the Lord Jesus as their Savior....  The Bible says that you were born as a sinner—you have broken God’s laws.  (Discuss things children do that are sin.)  Your sin separates you from God....”
God will protect you if you have the right beliefs
Just say no to Satan: “When your enemy Satan attacks, you can’t trust in your own strength or others for protection....  [But God] is ... stronger than Satan....  He can protect you from giving in to your own sinful desires....  Trust [God] to help you and say no to Satan.”
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